wodtke feel warm infrared radiation heater

feel warm - infrared radiation heater

What is infrared radiation?

If you step out of the shade into the sun on a sunny day, you will instantly feel a pleasant and beneficial warmth, although the actual air temperature remains constant. This is the infrared radiation of the sun.

Just like a wood-burning stove or a pellet stove, the 'feel warm' infrared ration heater produces comfortable thermal radiation. As a result of the heating of objects, such as furniture in a living space, which emit this stored thermal energy back into the environment, a two-way heat transfer takes place. An even room temperature and a cosy indoor climate is created.

People in the medical and wellness sectors have known about the positive effect of infrared radiation for decades. There, it is used to relieve a variety of complaints and to increase well-being.

Perfect addition to a slower heating system

Buildings which are equipped with underfloor heating, for example, do not allow a spontaneous change in the room temperature. The 'feel warm' infrared radiation heater is perfect for use as additional heating to increase the perceived room temperature in the radiation range within a short space of time, and thus to provide a pleasant and cosy warmth.

High energy efficiency and low costs

The power consumption and heat output are almost identical with 'feel warm'; the efficiency is almost 100%. For this reason, 'feel warm' is perfect for use as additional or transition heating.

Optimum indoor climate and well-being

The wodtke 'feel warm' infrared radiation heater does not emit the radiation into the ambient air, but to objects in the vicinity, such as furniture or walls. This prevents the air from drying out, which leads to an optimum indoor climate.

Perfect for asthmatics and allergy sufferers

Unlike with a convection heating system - i.e. a traditional heating system with radiators - no air circulation takes place when heating with the wodtke 'feel warm' infrared radiation heater. Therefore, it doesn't create an unpleasant draught which whirls dust or animal hair around in the living space.

Alleviation of muscular complaints and back pain

The blood vessels are expanded and the circulation stimulated as a result of the direct heat of the infrared radiation - the heat relieves tension and is considered to be beneficial to your health in the event of muscular complaints and back pain.