Our need for fire and warmth is as old as humanity itself - over the millennia, all human cultures have treated fire as a central element in their communal lives. We want to preserve this tradition, adapting it to the way we live today.
We always develop our products with an eye towards sustainability and towards increasing safety and comfort for our customers. Only when they feel comfortable with our products can we fulfil our promise: live warmer with wodtke (wodtke wärmer wohnen).

wodtke pellet stove technology

wodtke is the pioneer in the area of pellet stove technology for residential heating in Europe. The inception of this new development dates back to 1989. Numerous tributes and awards underscore the outstanding, innovative quality if its technology and design. In 2003 wodtke becomes the first German company to receive the "Blue Angel" environmental label for residential wood pellet firing installations.

Design prizes and awards

wodtke products have frequently been awarded in the last years by leading design juries – awards that fulfill us with proud and that we accept with good grace, because they show us that striving towards a good shape is not only honoured by our customers.

Creating the Future through Innovation

From Pellet Pioneer to Solution Provider

We are all responsible for working towards new and forward­thinking energy systems. CO2-neutral heating with wood and wood pellets has become an extremely efficient alternative to fossil fuel sources. This is a fact well worth noting, in our era of ever scarcer natural res­ources. Sustainability and the environment are the focus of everything we do. 

Christiane Wodtke

Towards a Visionary Future

As one of the leading manufacturers in the area of pellet stove technology and wood-burning stoves, wodtke drives modern wood pellet and firewood fuelled heating technology. Our exclusive design philosophy exerts a formative influence on the branch. In terms of design and quality, wodtke products, known internationally, are distinctive and unmistakeable.

wodtke - founded in 1964 - is a Swabian Company headquartered in Tübingen. Product-development, design, constructing and prototyping, final assembly, distribution and packaging are all provided from our Tübingen location.

At wodtke, our products don't just have good, eco-friendly design. Our wodtke innovation centre is over 1,000 m² in size, containing a test laboratory, pattern shop and prototype construction, construction, in-house design, training and presentation/test facility. Sus­tainable and energy efficient building automation and easy-to-understanding heating systems - two wodtke ivo.tec pellet stoves handle the heat supply.

Dr. Hannes Kneissl

Living with fire

wodtke stoves are a focal point of your life and a place to relax - an added high­light to your living space. They help you create your personal dream home. A beautiful home is within your reach with wodtke products.

wodtke has been awarded prizes by international juries time and again. Design is a fundamental element of the wodtke brand; we don't just set new trends, we also create las­ting value. At wodtke, design is always associated with our commitment to sustainability.

Innovation is not only a matter of design but also technical progress. We aim to optimize pellet and wood-burning stove technology - room air independent fireplaces, wood-burning stoves for firewood with integrated water heat exchanger, highly complex combustion chamber geometry designed to optimize burnout and increase efficiency, wodtke Air Control thermo-regulation, wodtke smart home fire and much more. We always develop new solutions with an eye towards increasing quality and comfort.