wodtke HiClean-Filter technology

wodtke HiClean-Filter technology

Good for the environment, good for men

wodtke wood-burning stoves with HiClean-Filter

Worrying about particulate matter? wodtke offers solutions!

Good news for wood as a CO2-neutral fuel and its users: the eco-balance being generally positive, it gets even more support through the new integrated wodtke HiClean-Filter® technology that works without any complex additional components.

Innovative filter material and a sophisticated air duct effectively reduce emissions and fuel consumption while efficiency and the exchange of radiant heat are being increased considerably. Emissions remain far below legal limit values and with maximum energy efficiency, the perceptible cosy warmth is even raised.

Our aim is to further optimise the combustion process of our wood-burning stoves and to minimise the appearance of emissions. This is why wodtke has developed another innovative HiClean-Filter (HCF 02). This almost maintenance-free, durable novel technology needs no additional electronics or a chemical catalyst.

The HCF 02 and HCF 03 are ideally adapted to the particular stove. This ensures that the respective, most efficient technology applies to the geometry of the combustion chamber. The result: a clean, improved combustion and emissions that remain far below legal limit values - good for both, men and environment!

Is there a possibility to refit a stove with a filter?

For the moment being, there is no recommendable solution to refit a wood-burning stove with a filter. That's why wodtke proposes ist solution with integrated HiClean-Filter technology. Here, the construction of the respective stove and the referring filter are ideally harmonised, certified and approved. The demand on our developments is always related to hi-level security and sustainability.