Quality and technology

Quality and Technology

Sometimes, it can take years for us to develop a fascinating new idea into a product ready for series production - this careful process is exactly what appeals to our engineers and developers; and it's what makes our products so unique. Our guiding principle? Keeping everything easy for the user.


wodtke fireplaces are meticulously designed, engineered, and built only in accordance with the newest inventions and standards, even in the development phase. All wodtke fireplaces are subject to strict inspections by nationally recognised fireplace testing agencies. Accordingly, all wodtke fireplaces have testing certificates and are certified to use low-emission combustion. In addition to statutory inspections, we adhere to even stricter standards: our own.


wodtke fireplaces are designed for low-emission wood heating, including their combustion chamber geometry, combustion air supply, and afterburning technology. The heart of a wodtke fireplace is its outstanding combustion chamber geometry, which meets and exceeds legal requirements.

wodtke Air Control thermo-regulation, AWS air intake, optional balanced flue technology, wodtke water+ fireplace with integrated water heat exchanger to connect to your central heating system, storage module or HiClean-Filter® technology and intelligent accessories are just some examples of the innovative capacities of the developers at wodtke.

wodtke technology is based on our responsibility towards people and the environment, and on providing users the most practical advantages possible.

Thermal Output

A wodtke fireplace is an extraordinarily fast heating system. After just a short time, you will feel the warmth of its convection action and radiant heating. Our fireplaces perform with very little thermal loss; a comfortable feature, over 200 days a year.


wodtke fireplaces offer our users environmentally-friendly heating technology, high-quality features, optimal operating capabilities, and the beauty of dancing flames and a long service life - all housed in outstanding design. Owners of wodtke fireplaces enjoy the comfort and joy of living with fire.

Design and Materials

Cast-iron, steel, heat-retaining ceramics, soapstone, and our favourite material - glass - which is synonymous for transparency and openness. Combining such a range of high-quality materials requires absolute stylistic confidence, and decades of experience. Because of this, wodtke is continuously innovating, creating surprising products that quickly become a central part of our customers' lives. wodtke fireplaces are the standard in the industry for their unique achievements in technology and design.