smart home fire

smart home fire

The wodtke app FireTouch is available now

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More and more, the trend of networking is permeating every area of our lives and our homes. Smart houses, such as low-energy or passive houses, intelligent technologies, and smart control centres are creating more comfortable ways of living, making our lives safer, and saving money and energy. The technology of the future won't be cold - but it will be intuitive.

With the wodtke app FireTouch, you can experience a whole new dimension of heating comfort. The app allows you to easily regulate pellet stoves in the S5 ultra air + series (wodtke ixpower and wodtke ixbase) - simply by swiping your finger across the display.

Options for controlling pellet stoves wodtke ultra line

With the wodtke app FireTouch, you can easily and remotely control and monitor the pellet stoves of the wodtke ultra air+ series like wodtke ixpower or wodtke ixbase. Operations are identical to those on your normal ixpower or ixbase operating board. Thanks to an intuitive menu structure, the controls are especially easy to handle. For example, you can complete the following operational and monitoring functions:

  • Change your set target temperature.
  • Easily and quickly switch between automatic heating programmes (three weekly programs, comfort, lower, frost protection, party, vacation) and manual operating mode.
  • Conveniently and intuitively change the activation times for your heating programmes.
  • Display current maintenance and fault messages for monitoring purposes.